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Brainergy LiPo Akku 2s1p 7,4V 4000mAh 40C Deans Hardcase

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BRAINERGY LiPo battery with T plug

Due to a high constant discharge rate of up to 40C, the barely measurable cell drift and its particularly low internal resistance, this rechargeable lithium polymer battery (LiPo battery) is particularly suitable for brushless motor-controller combinations (brushless) that are operated with high currents become.

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safety instructions

The following information on the safe handling of LiPo batteries must be observed!


Rechargeable lithium batteries (LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, Li-Ion) can catch fire if handled incorrectly and thus start fires or cause physical damage. They must therefore be treated with particular care, always used under supervision and do not belong in the hands of children. Do not throw into fire!

Delivery status

The connection cables and plug-in contacts are specially adapted to the respective lithium battery at the factory and must not be changed. The lithium battery must not be exposed to mechanical influences or even opened and must be protected from excessive heat and direct sunlight.


A cool dry storage location is good for storing lithium batteries. A minimum distance of 3 m from combustible materials must be maintained during storage. Under no circumstances may the lithium battery be stored on or in flammable materials. Fire protection bags available from specialist retailers must be used for short-term, permanently supervised storage. These are not suitable for medium and long-term and, in particular, for unattended storage and transport. A fireproof safety cassette is essential for this, for example from the manufacturer Sentry®Safe ( Long-term storage of lithium batteries is recommended while maintaining around two thirds of the nominal capacity (in the nominal voltage range). Lithium batteries must be discharged at least every four weeks.

Charging & maintenance

Rechargeable lithium batteries may only be charged, discharged and maintained on a fire-proof surface with a suitable balancer charger in the intended mode. It is essential to observe the operating instructions for the charger. When connecting the balancer and charging cables, ensure that the polarity is correct. In principle, all processes on the charger must be carried out with the balancer cable connected. Lithium-ion-polymer batteries (LiPo) must never be charged above 4.2 V / cell (with LiHV 4.35 V / cell) or discharged below 3.3 V / cell. The maximum charging rate is 2C (example: capacity 1 Ah x charging current 2 A = 2C). It is generally recommended to have a suitable fire extinguisher ready as a precaution when handling lithium batteries.

Extinguishing agent

In the event of a fire, it must be fought with water spray, carbon dioxide, and extinguishing powder and foam. The full water jet is not suitable for extinguishing. The use of a fire extinguisher with AVD extinguishing agent (Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion = liquefied vermiculite) is particularly recommended.

Health hazards

If used as intended, no health impairments are known or expected. If the lithium battery is destroyed, liquids (electrolytes) can escape. These are flammable and contact with the eyes or skin causes irritation. Vapors can irritate the eyes, respiratory system and skin. Fire or intense heat can cause the packaging to burst violently. Heating or fire can release toxic gases. Burning produces irritating smoke. In an emergency, the emergency number +49 (0) 30 19240 can be reached around the clock.

Environmental hazards

If used as intended, no adverse effects on the environment are known or expected. Sweep up or vacuum up spilled material and place in a suitable container for disposal. Universal binders may be suitable for this. Fire residues must be disposed of in accordance with local official regulations.


If a lithium battery ex works shows a defect that can be proven to be due to a manufacturing defect, the item will be exchanged within the framework of legal claims. The warranty does not cover wear and tear caused by use, defects already known at the time of purchase and personal negligence (e.g. improper use or incorrect storage). The manufacturer and the importer do not accept any liability for non-compliance with these instructions or for damage to property or personal injury resulting from gross negligence.

Configuration: 2s1p
Nominal voltage: 7.4V
Connector: Deans Ultra Plug JST XH
End-of-charge voltage: 4.2 V / cell
Dimensions: 134 x 46 x 23.5 mm
Nominal capacity: 4,000 mAh
Weight: 237 g
Discharge rate (permanent): 45C (180 A)
Connection cable: silicone
Balancer cable: silicone


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